BazarZai Online Shop

Affiliate Marketing

Work for us. we will pay for your effort.

Work Context

Our company is looking for some digital marketers. Whom we will appoint as affiliate partners. We will select them after submitting their application. And the selected marketers will have their own affiliate dashboard, where you will find your very own referral link and can create your own referral link for every single product. After every sell and delivery is complete, Category wise commission will be added instantly to the account of marketers and can withdraw funds by bKash and DBBL.


  • You need to help customers and give support to them.
  • You must have to explain about Us if customers are confused about your shop’s authenticity.
  • The Customer must purchase the product using your affiliate/referral link.
  • You must have to know about our platform working procedure and rules.
  • Contact us after submitting an affiliate application. WhatsApp
  • Join our Facebook Affiliate Group to stay up to date.


Marketers will earn 3 to 9% per sell depending on the category.  Per category commission Click here. We will inform you on our Facebook group after publishing. (Customer must be purchase product using marketer referral URL in 30 days with the same browser after clicking your link).

By clicking on your link you will receive a commission of up to 30 days from “BazarZai” for all products purchased by that customer.

Additional earn

  • Marketers who sell 500 products in a month will get a reward of BTD 5,000 at the end of the month.
  • If you are a YouTuber and would like to take a “BazarZai Online Shop” Sponsorship, get in touch.